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[02/12/09 - 12:03pm]
I have a job interview in an hour, for mackinac island.
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[02/06/09 - 12:28am]
i think im going to start using this again, starting tomorrow, i have to learn how to again

[04/14/08 - 1:18am]
wow. livejournal. i kinda havent even logged in in like two years. i moved to phoenix arizona. im a hot mess down here. i miss everyone.
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[02/08/07 - 3:06pm]
i've never been this fucked up before as i am now.

FUCK [09/09/06 - 6:05pm]
Goodbye everyone, Im done talking to people.

and just so everyone knows, im going into the air force, dont tell me how much that is a bad idea, because i dont care what anyone of you have to say, and i dont care about any one of you. Dont make plans with me, because you will fuck me over. i hate life. im done with everything. IM going to work until summer then im leaving and wont see most people ever again. TOday was so bad, and im done crying.
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I LOVE SUSHI IN BED [02/05/06 - 9:43pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

On friday i went to delta college and dropped my cell phone under the ice after leaning over to look at fish that werent there. So i dont have a cell phone for right now. But Friday was sooo much fun.



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[01/20/04 - 9:02pm]

Friends only! Sorry guys i had to do it.

If you send me a comment i will add you back.
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